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 The Brony Cycle.

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PostSubject: The Brony Cycle.   Wed Jan 30, 2013 8:28 am

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Also this is true at the moment.

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Faust was not going to make here an alicron, this is why she should ahve still been on the show
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FINALLY the Fan Theory that we all want to be correct.

Quote :
So assuming that the show's writers have not gone completely insane, Twilight's transformation won't be permanent. One of the requirements of writing a good story is that the protagonist(s) have to face challenges over the course of it. Hard to have that happen when the mane character is a celestia.
This post, written before (or early in) the season by an alleged Hasbro employee, indicated that the alicorn thing was a directive by Hasbro. Make Twilight an alicorn so that we can sell toys, said Hasbro... leaving the writing staff to somehow make it work. This might explain the M. A. Larson tweet from May that I thought was surprisingly bitter.
(@M_A_Larson As a writer for MLP, how many obviously unfitting episode plots have you suggested in meetings just for the hay of it?
@TrenWolfman Had one where PP is possessed by Discord and Celestia and Luna have to do an exorcism. Guess they couldn't make toys out of it.)
The tweet made it sound very much like Larson was not working on the show anymore, but the tweet makes more sense in the context of this task assigned to him.
So the task before the writers was to make Twilight an alicorn and then change her back. Difficult to do smoothly.
Anyway. The plot. Princess Skyla is a new character, assumedly the offspring of Cadance but not necessarily so. The synopsis of the season finale is as follows:
When Twilight casts a spell that switches the Cutie Marks and destinies, the only way to reverse the spell is by writing her own magic
Twilight will accidentally cast this spell and switch her and Skyla's cutie marks / destinies. It was Skyla's destiny to become a princess; now it is Twilight's. At first Twilight will think this is all hunky-dory and will be ecstatic to become a princess. As the episode goes on, though, she'll slowly realize that this is actually a terrible thing because it'll a) rob Skyla of her birthright b) separate Twilight from her friends c) some other reason or d) all of the above. So Twilight will have to perform some epic feat to reverse the spell and everything will be status-quo just in time for the final minutes of S3.
And that's it. There's no way I'm wrong because, as previously mentioned, I'm a prophet. Just sit back, relax, and get ready to watch an amazing episode.
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The Brony Cycle.
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