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 -~*^#The EF Forum Thing#^*~-

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Mr. Ex Vice President
King of the Griffons
Mr. Ex Vice President

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PostSubject: -~*^#The EF Forum Thing#^*~-   Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:23 pm

What are we even going to do with the Everfree Forest down there?
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Ster Zetanee
Master of Skittles
Ster Zetanee

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PostSubject: Re: -~*^#The EF Forum Thing#^*~-   Wed Jan 16, 2013 7:17 am

I originally intended it as a for like the exile forum on Facepunch, (or whatever the forum is when you get banned.), but have yet to find A) the settings, and B) someone who has done anything to constitute a ban, as we are all civilized on here.
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-~*^#The EF Forum Thing#^*~-
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